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NVLAP Fee Structure

Description of Fees

NVLAP operates on a cost-reimbursable basis from fees paid by participating laboratories that apply for accreditation in fields of testing or calibration. The fee structure incorporates four types of fees. 

1. The initial Application Fee is a fee required with the General Application for New Laboratories form.  This fee covers the costs of setting up the new laboratory in the NVLAP Interactive Website System (NIWS), issuance of NIWS user account information and related services to process the initial application for accreditation.  This is a one-time, non-refundable fee which is associated with the initial application process.

Current Initial Application Fee



2. The Administrative/Technical Support Fee covers costs associated with NVLAP staff conducting the program in all areas for which accreditation is offered and for providing these services to participating laboratories. A discount is available if multiple fields of accreditation are selected by a laboratory.

Current Administrative/Technical Support Fee $6,695

This fee is due annually regardless of the accreditation status of a laboratory and is paid at the time of application.


3. The On-Site Assessment Fee covers costs incurred for an on-site assessment visit. On-site assessments are conducted prior to initial accreditation, during the first renewal year, and every two years thereafter.

Unlike the Administrative/Technical Support Fee, the On-Site Assessment Fee is not paid with the application. A laboratory will be invoiced for this fee when an on-site assessment is scheduled to be performed.

For most laboratory accreditation programs, the On-Site Assessment Fee is variable and the applicant laboratory may contact NVLAP for determination of the fee amount. However, the On-Site Assessment Fee for the following programs is a fixed fee as shown in the table:


Laboratory Accreditation Program Fixed Fee
Asbestos Fiber Analysis - Bulk $5,040
Asbestos Fiber Analysis - Airborne $5,460
Asbestos Fiber Analysis - Bulk and Airborne Combined $6,390
Carpet and Carpet Cushion $5,400

Common Criteria Testing (Within the Baltimore-Washington area)

Common Criteria Testing (Outside of the Baltimore-Washington area)



Efficiency of Electric Motors $5,850
Thermal Insulation Materials $5,430

The optional use of a preassessment visit will be considered if it is decided that such a visit would result in a better definition of the scope of accreditation requested by the laboratory. In such cases the preassessment costs will be charged to the laboratory in addition to the actual On-Site Assessment Fee.

A laboratory will be charged for an additional assessment visit if required as the result of failure to meet NVLAP requirements. The fee for this additional assessment visit is the same as that charged for a regular on-site assessment.

A laboratory will not be charged separately for a monitoring visit, which may be initiated by NVLAP at any time during the accreditation period for cause or on a random selection basis.

The On-Site Assessment Fee is subject to change if the laboratory requests any change to its scope of accreditation or if the laboratory is located outside of the United States.


4. The Proficiency Testing Fee covers costs relating to the provision of proficiency test samples and artifacts, the collection and analysis of laboratory results, and reports to NVLAP. At this time, NVLAP is not collecting proficiency testing fees with a laboratory's application. Depending upon the program(s) selected for accreditation, the laboratory will either be invoiced the Proficiency Testing Fee at the time the test is conducted or will pay the fee directly to the provider of service, if the proficiency testing is conducted through an outside testing service.

Fee Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to laboratories that withdraw from the NVLAP program. It covers each of the four fee categories as follows:

  1. The Initial Application fee is non-refundable.
  2. The amount of the Administrative/Technical Support Fee to be refunded depends upon the length of time that has elapsed between the laboratory's renewal date and the date NVLAP was notified of the decision to withdraw.
    Time of withdrawal
    (# of months after renewal date)*
    Refund amount
    Less than 3 months 3/4
    3 months to less than 6 months 1/2
    6 months to less than 9 months 1/4
    9 months or greater No refund

    * If a laboratory is seeking initial accreditation (i.e., has never been accredited for a specific program), the time of withdrawal will be counted as the number of months after the date the initial application was received.
  3. The On-Site Assessment Fee is refundable only if no on-site related costs have been incurred. Otherwise, costs incurred will be deducted from the On-Site Assessment Fee.

  4. The portion of the Proficiency Testing Fee for any proficiency testing planned but not sent to the laboratory, or for any proficiency testing that was not initiated, will be refunded. No refund will be given for artifacts sent, but returned unmeasured by the laboratory.
Created June 7, 2010, Updated January 9, 2024