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NVLAP Handbooks and Lab Bulletins

The NVLAP Handbooks and Lab Bulletins are available as PDF documents. You may download the Adobe Reader PDF viewer for free on all platforms from the Adobe Systems web site.

Lab Bulletins that are specific to a Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) are listed across from their associated handbooks. A Lab Bulletin is used to inform laboratories of program additions and changes, and to provide clarification of program-specific requirements. A bulletin should be inserted into the appropriate Program-Specific Handbook until the handbook is revised, at which time the bulletin will be incorporated into the handbook.

If you are unable to load and use Adobe Reader, please e-mail NVLAP at nvlap [at], or call NVLAP at (301) 975-4016.

NVLAP Handbook


Associated Lab Bulletins

NIST Handbook 150:2016

NVLAP Procedures and General Requirements Lab Bulletin LB-110-2018: Revision to the application submission information for new and renewal applicant laboratories for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

NIST Handbook 150-1:2019


NVLAP Energy Efficient Lighting Products

Lab Bulletin LB-112-2019: Release of NIST Handbook 150-1, 2019 Edition

Lab Bulletin LB-105-2017: Addition of High-Power LED and Flicker Testing 

NIST Handbook 150-2: 2019

NVLAP Calibration Laboratories

Lab Bulletin LB-113-2019: Release of NIST Handbook 150-2, 2019 Edition

Lab Bulletin LB-100-2017 Rev 1: Requirements for Laboratories Calibrating Flow by Primary Method

Lab Bulletin LB-98-2017: Measurement Uncertainty Budgets Requirements

Lab Bulletin LB-95-2016:<br>New NIST Handbook 150-2 and Associated Checklists

Lab Bulletin LB-10-2004: Thermometry Proficiency Tests

NIST Handbook 150-3:2006 

NVLAP Bulk Asbestos Analysis

Lab Bulletin LB-93-2016:  Use of Computerized Systems for the Recording of Bulk Asbestos Analysis Data

Lab Bulletin LB-68-2012: Addition of 1993 Method for Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials to Scopes of Accreditation

Lab Bulletin LB-22-2007: Release of NIST Handbook 150-3:2006 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-4:2019

NVLAP Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry

Lab Bulletin LB-114-2019: Release of NIST Handbook 150-4, 2019 Edition

Lab Bulletin LB-76-2013: Resumption of Proficiency Testing – Neutron Categories – ANSI N13.11-2009 

Lab Bulletin LB-55-2011: Category IV (mixed betas and photons) - ANSI N13.32-2008

Lab Bulletin LB-49-2010: Selection of Beta and Photon Categories for Mixed Field Testing

NIST Handbook 150-5:2005

NVLAP Construction Materials Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-115-2019: Clarification of Calibration Requirements for Nuclear Density Gauges

Lab Bulletin LB-81-2014: Nuclear Density-Moisture Gauges 

NIST Handbook 150-6:2006

NVLAP Carpet and Carpet Cushion


NIST Handbook 150-8:2018

NVLAP Acoustical Testing Services

Lab Bulletin LB-111-2018: Release of NIST Handbook 150-8, 2018 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-9:2006

NVLAP Wood-Based Products


NIST Handbook 150-10:2013 

NVLAP Efficiency of Electric Motors


NIST Handbook 150-11:2013

NVLAP Electromagnetic Compatibility & Telecommunications

Lab Bulletin LB-109-2018: Release and Completion of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada Program Specific Checklist 150-11B, ECT: ISED Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, Radio Apparatus and Broadcasting Equipment

Lab Bulletin LB-108-2018: Revision of Handbook 150-11A Checklist, ECT: FCC Equipment Authorization Requirements for Recognition

Lab Bulletin LB-91-2016: Release of Updated NIST Handbook 150-11A Checklist 

NIST Handbook 150-13:2006

NVLAP Airborne Asbestos Analysis

Lab Bulletin LB-69-2012: Disclaimer to Be Added to TEM Test Reports 

Lab Bulletin LB-23-2007: Release of NIST Handbook 150-13:2006 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-15:2006

NVLAP Thermal Insulation Materials


NIST Handbook 150-17:2013

NVLAP Cryptographic and Security Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-106-2017: Update to the administration of the CMVP exam transitioning to Pearson VUE

Lab Bulletin LB-99-2017: Administration of the CMVP Exam Transitioning to Pearson VUE

Lab Bulletin LB-96-2016:HB 150-17, Annex B - Testing Conducted at Permanent Remote Locations

Lab Bulletin LB-87-2015:Restructuring of the On-Site Assessment Process in the Cryptographic and Security Testing (CST) Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP)

Lab Bulletin LB-86-2015: Addition of New Requirements to NIST Handbook 150-17, Annex B, Regarding the Use of Extended Cost Recovery (ECR) Points as a Means of Monitoring Technical Proficiency

Lab Bulletin LB-77-2013: Addition of New Requirements to NIST Handbook 150-17 Regarding Use of FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography

Lab Bulletin LB-74-2013: Revision of SCAP Testing to the NVLAP Cryptographic and Security Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program

Lab Bulletin LB-66-2012: Addition of TWIC Card Testing to the NVLAP Cryptographic & Security Testing LAP

NIST Handbook 150-18:2009 NVLAP Fasteners and Metals


NIST Handbook 150-20:2014  NVLAP Common Criteria Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-107-2018: Supplement to NIST HB 150-20:2014, section 3.3.3 regarding frequency of commercial evaluation and the new section 3.3.4 regarding the use of the common criteria testing lab (CCTL) point system as a means of monitoring technical proficiency. 

Lab Bulletin LB-104-2017:  NIST HB 150-20: Annex B, B.3.a - Program-specific procedures - UPDATE

Lab Bulletin LB-82-2014: Revision of the NVLAP Common Criteria Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program Handbook, NIST Handbook 150-20

NIST Handbook 150-22:2017


NVLAP Voting System Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-103-2017: Release of NIST Handbook 150-22, 2017 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-23:2010 NVLAP Radiation Detection Instruments

Lab Bulletin LB-57-2011: Electromagnetic Compatibility testing (ECT) as required for Radiation Detection Instruments (RDI) testing

Lab Bulletin LB-51-2010: Release of NIST Handbook 150-23, April 2010 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-24:2010
NVLAP Personal Body Armor

Lab Bulletin LB-48-2010: Information on testing, testing procedures, and reports for both NVLAP and the Compliance Testing Program

Lab Bulletin LB-41-2009: NVLAP-Specific Requirements for CTP Clarification 2009:03

Lab Bulletin LB-40-2009: Compliance Testing Program Administrative Clarification Documents

NIST Handbook 150-25:2009
NVLAP Biometrics Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-43-2009: Release of NIST Handbook 150-25, 2009 Edition

NIST Handbook 150-31:2017

NVLAP Healthcare Information Technology Testing

Lab Bulletin LB-102-2017:  Release of NIST Handbook 150-31, 2017 Edition

Lab Bulletin LB-92-2016: Addition of the 2015 Edition Certification Criteria for EHR Technology to the HIT LAP

Lab Bulletin LB-84-2015: Addition of the 2014 Edition Release 2 Certification Criteria for EHR Technology to the HIT LAP


Created February 4, 2010, Updated December 4, 2019