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MBE & QIF Summit 2024

MBE & QIF Summit at MxD 2024
Credit: Digital Metrology Standards Consortium

The MBE Summit has brought academia, government, and industry experts together for over 10 years to share the challenges, implementation issues, and lessons learned in design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products and processes where a Model-Based approach is used. This includes all aspects of the product lifecycle from design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products, where a digital 3D model acts as the authoritative source of information. 

The 2024 event was hosted at MxD headquarters located in Chicago, IL April 16 - 19. Technical content for the MBE Summit was organized by NIST's Rosemary Astheimer, and QIF Summit content was organized by the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium.  The event theme was "Digital Threads that Simplify Data Flow between Networked Silos" supporting design, manufacture, and inspection from the perspective of users, implementers, and vendors. Topics included:

  • Addressing gaps that exist even in closely related domains
  • The role standards play in governing core requirements, best practices, and harmonization between common MBD formats (such as STEP and QIF) to enable valuable information to recirculate for optimal refinement and traceability required for long-term archival
  • MBE Standards and challenges to reaching consensus on content and data elements to compensate for use cases not yet addressed in a standard
  • Technical Data for Design, Manufacturing, and Quality
  • Ingestion of Technical Data and User Requirements
  • Digital Thread Initiatives 
  • Implementation Roadblocks and Progress towards MBE 

    If you would like to be notified when the 2025 MBE & QIF Summit is announced, please contact rosemary.astheimer [at] (Rosemary Astheimer)

MBE Summit Presentations

Zip File of MBE Summit Presentations with Hyperlinks Below: (~50 MB)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Welcome to MxD
Berardino Baratta / MxD

How TDPs and QIF Move DOD Data Acquisition Towards Automation
Jennifer Herron / Action Engineering

Keynote - Digital Engineering at Boeing*
Jeff Plant / Boeing

Data Element Mapping & Analysis (DEMA): A Systematic Method to Implement a Complete Digital Thread
Allison Ledford / Auburn University

ASME MBE Committee & Y14/MBE Harmonization JWG Update
Evan Kessick / Belcan

Barriers to small-medium manufacturers adopting MBE
Shashant Shah / MxD

ISO 10303 - STEP - Model-Based Before Model-Based was Cool
Allison Barnard-Feeney / NIST

Harmonizing Model-Based Standards for Shipbuilding
Ryan Bounds / Newport News Shipbuilding

DMSC: One Consortium; Trinity of Standards
Curtis Brown / Honeywell FM&T

Hybrid Standards & Ad‐hoc Approach to Balance Near-Term Needs with a Long-Term Information Assurance Vision
Ben Kassel / UMD - Applied Research Lab for Intelligence and Security

Enabling Delivery of Uncompromised Digital Threads
Tom Hedberg / UMD - Applied Research Lab for Intelligence & Security

Demonstrating Standards-Based Digital Threads at Scale: Current Progress at Air Force ManTech
Bill Bernstein / AFRL

Why QIF has been the Catalyst for the Digital Thread
Sam Gambrell / Lockheed Martin

A Practical Approach to Implementing STEP
Melissa Harvey / Boeing

The Secret Life of Geometric Modeling in the Digital Thread: PMI & PDQ & Features, Oh My!
Ben Urick / nVariate

MIL-STD-31000 - Technical Data Packages in Acquisition
Jeff Windham / US Army Armaments Center

MBE's Digital Thread from Design Intent to Quality Verification*
Blake Gorowsky / Pratt and Whitney

Product Data to Orchestrate the Digital Thread
Michael McClellan / CSI

QIF Summit Presentations

Zip File of QIF Summit Presentations with Hyperlinks Below: (~20 MB)

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Friday, April 19, 2024

QIF In-depth Overview
Daniel Campbell / Capvidia

What is new in QIF 4.0?
Tom Kramer / Tom Kramer Consulting
Daniel Campbell / Capvidia

MBD Characterization Accountability
Mike Werkheiser / Belcan & Evan Kessick / Belcan


The Role of Business Process and Organizational Change Management in MBD/QIF Adoption
Anika Kapoor /  Kalypso, A Rockwell Automation Business &
Kelly Bronk  / Kalypso A Rockwell Automation Business


DMSC Model-Based Characteristics Primer
Curtis Brown / Honeywell FM&T


QIF Training & Certifications Program Overview
Jesse Zahner / Sigmetrix & Mark Thomas / DMSC Inc.


Model-Based Characterization: Tracing Design Characteristics throughout the Enterprise using QIF and UUIDs
Daniel Campbell / Capvidia
George L Rendell / Siemens Digital Industries Software


ISO 23952 QIF – Enabling Digital Transformation Throughout Manufacturing and Quality Systems
Ray Admire / QIF Solutions


Optimizing Measurement through QIF Consumption
Alex Clement / Metrologic Group


Building Community:  Round table discussion on Building a User Community
Curtis Brown /Honeywell FM&T
Rosemary Astheimer / NIST
Jennifer Herron / Action Engineering


*Availability pending permission from presenter.

If you would like to be notified when the 2025 MBE & QIF Summit is announced, please contact rosemary.astheimer [at] (Rosemary Astheimer)

Released April 16, 2024, Updated May 16, 2024