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News and Updates

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Indigestion? Try Some Ginger

What: SRM 3398 is a ground powder prepared from ginger rhizomes. A unit of SRM 3398 consists of 5 packets of material, each containing approximately 1.6 g of

Are Your Particles Charged?

What: SRMs 1992 and 1993 are new standards developed in a partnership with the European Commission Joint Research Centre to address a critical need for

Small Creatures, Big Health Impact!

What: RM 8037 is a reference material that consists of oil made from Antarctic krill. Each unit of RM 8037 contains three tins, each with approximately 4.5 mL

Turmeric, One of the World's Super Foods?

What: SRM 3300 is a curcuminoid extract of turmeric rhizome prepared from the same stock rhizome as SRM 3299 Ground Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) Rhizome. A unit

How Well Do You Know Your Kidneys?

What: SRM 2925 is a frozen aqueous solution of recombinant human serum albumin (HSA). The SRM consists of two vials, each containing approximately 0.50 mL of

Making Mercury Measurements Less Crude

What: A unit of SRM 2778 consists of five amber glass ampoules, each containing approximately 10 mL of crude oil. The certified mass fraction of total mercury

Turmeric: Spice or Herbal Medicine?

What: SRM 3299 is a ground turmeric rhizome powder value assigned for curcuminoids and toxic elements. The SRM consists of five packets of the material each

The Glass is More than Half Full

What: SRM 1412a is a custom glass composition with 18 certified values designed for elemental analysis of a wide range of glass compositions for

Highest Selling Steel SRM Renewed

What: SRM 1763b is the third version of this custom composition, low alloy steel, first issued in 1989. Why: The SRM 1761 thru 1768 series compositions

Go For The Gold!

What: SRMs 1928 and 1929 are new specular (mirror-like) reflectance standards that are calibrated over a broad spectral range from 1 µm to 18 µm (1,000 nm

Ensuring Quality and Safety of PVC

What: These SRMs are custom-made PVC blends containing elements listed in consumer safety regulations, including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety

Not Every Particle is Round

What: RM 8634 consists of an aqueous particle suspension of abraded ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) particles covering a size range from 1 µm to 30 µm

Not Just Dirt

What: SRM 2706 is a new Standard Reference Material consisting of a natural agricultural soil from the North Eastern United States, augmented with selected

Keeping Up With Folic Acid Fortification

What: SRM 3949 is a new material with several improvements compared to the original SRM 1955. It is comprised of three levels of folates in human serum. Why

Healthcare and Food Safety

NIST SRM 3030 Monomethylarsonic Acid Standard SolutionNIST SRM 3031 Dimethylarsinic Acid Standard SolutionNIST SRM 3033 Arsenobetaine Standard Solution NIST

Weathered Oil - That's Distressing

What: SRM 2777 is composed of a naturally weathered crude oil extracted from oil-soaked sand that was collected from a beach that was impacted by the Deepwater

Danger - Do Not Look Directly at Laser

What: SRM 606 provides a solid sample for the analysis for trace elements in a natural ferro-magnesian silicate glass. Why: Natural glass is formed when

Going Up in (Less) Smoke

What: RM 2790 is composed of ground wood pellet fuel, value assigned for 29 elements plus ash. SRM 2791 is composed of ground softwood bedding pellets

Want to Strike Gold?

What: SRM 1929 is a new reflectance standard consisting of a gold- coated copper disk with one specular (mirror-like) reflecting surface. Why: There is