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Assessing the Fineness of Construction Materials

Standard Reference Material 114r Portland Cement Fineness

SRM 114r Portland Cement Fineness

Portland cement powder is characterized by particle size for use in calibrating instruments, measuring fineness characteristics of portland cement, and other powdered construction materials.  Fineness of cement affects its reaction rate with water.  This is of interest to civil engineers as hydration rate affects physical properties of the cement.

The SRM 114 series for portland cement fineness has been provided by NIST since 1934 for use in calibrating instruments for measuring fineness characteristics of portland cement and other powdered construction materials.  A poll was conducted with members of ASTM C01.25 on Cement Fineness on the materials characteristics for the new 114 cement.  The Committee consensus was for a Blaine fineness around 400 m2/kg and +45 𝜇m residue between 4 % and 6 %.

A unit of SRM 114r consists of 20 glass vials with plastic caps containing powdered cement.  Each vial is sealed in a foil bag and contains approximately 5 g of cement.


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Released January 20, 2023