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Compact Cold Atom Instruments

Our research focuses on the development of novel sensing platforms using cold atomic gases and atomic beams. Laboratory-scale cold atom apparatuses provide some

Cryogenic Photonic Interconnects

We develop electro-optical systems for photonic generation and delivery of micro- and millimeter-wave signals to superconducting circuit platforms.

Frequency Comb Spectroscopy

We use frequency combs based on ultrafast mode-locked lasers to perform precision spectroscopy in the near- and mid-infrared domains, for rapid, high

Integrated Optical Atomic Devices

We focus on developing methods for performing precision optical spectroscopy in compact, manufacturable devices based on warm atomic vapors. Projects range from

Microfabricated Atomic Sensors

We combine novel concepts of atomic physics and advanced technology of microfabrication processes to develop miniaturized atomic devices which leverage atoms’

Microresonator Device Research

With micro-resonators (fabricated in house or by collaborators) we are developing microcombs, integrated reference cavities and low-noise laser sources. The

Nonlinear nanophotonic control of light

Nonlinear optics enables transformation of optical fields through light-matter interactions. These transformations strictly conserve energy and phase-matching

Yb Optical Lattice Clock

The very best atomic clocks today are known as optical clocks, because their timebase resides at a very high frequency (~10 15 Hz), corresponding to the optical