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Computing and Communications Theory

We perform research in mathematics, physics, computer science, and measurement science necessary to enable the development and analysis of current and future computing and communications systems.

The group applies expertise in mathematical subdisciplines such as combinatorics, graph theory, network science, operations research, optimization, discrete nonlinear dynamics, computational geometry, quantum mechanics, and information theory.  Researchers apply their knowledge and skills in areas such as the fundamental models of physics, chemistry, biology, and information systems, complex systems analysis, pattern recognition, and quantum computing and communications.  In collaboration with NIST and outside scientists, the group develops, analyzes, and applies related mathematical methods and tools for critical problems of measurement science at NIST, and develops mathematical foundations for the measurement science of information systems.

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Quantum Communications and Networks

The Quantum Communication and Networks Project develops quantum devices and studies them for use in quantum communications and networking applications. Our goal


Forced Edges and Graph Structure

Brian D. Cloteaux
For a degree sequence, its set of forced edges are the edges that appear in every realization of that sequence, while its forbidden edges appear in no


Network Modeling Software

This software is a set of NetworkX additions for the creation of graphs to model networks.Graphicality Testing -- This is a set of routines for testing if a