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Information Technology Laboratory Divisions

Applied and Computational Mathematics

We provide leadership within NIST in the application of applied and computational mathematics to the solution to science and engineering problems arising in measurement science and related applications. This is accomplished via a program of R&D in mathematical and computational techniques and tools, collaboration with NIST and external scientists, and the dissemination of reference data and software.

Advanced Network Technologies

The Advanced Network Technologies Division works as a partner with the information technology industry to improve the quality, reliability, resilience, robustness, manageability, security, and interoperability of networked systems. As part of the nation's Metrology Laboratory, the Advanced Network Technologies Division conducts research and provides test, measurement, and quality assurance techniques, tools, models, and reference data for emerging network technologies, and develops, demonstrates, and promotes these technologies through reference implementations, test beds, guidelines, and standards.

Computer Security

The Computer Security Division (CSD), a component of NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory (ITL), provides standards and technology to protect information systems against threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and services.

Information Access

The Information Access Division provides evaluations, measurements and standards to advance technologies dealing with access to multimedia and other complex information.  We support technologies used in accessing unstructured, digital multimedia and other complex information, including text, web pages, images, video, voice, audio, and graphics (both 2-D and 3-D).

Software and Systems

The mission of the Software and Systems Division (SSD) is to work with industry, academia and other government agencies to accelerate the development and adoption of correct, reliable, testable software, leading to increased trust and confidence in deployed software; promulgate methods to develop better standards and testing tools for today's software infrastructures and tomorrow's next-generation software systems; advance the state of the art of software testing by developing scientifically rigorous, breakthrough techniques to automatically generate tests that are cheaper to develop and more comprehensive; lead efforts for conformance testing, especially at the early stage of standards development; develop integrated test environments to coalesce systems; facilitates the transfer of these activities and technologies into national infrastructures and commercial sectors.

Statistical Engineering

The Statistical Engineering Division (SED), founded in 1946, develops and applies statistical and probabilistic methods and techniques supporting research in measurement science, technology, and the production of standard reference materials.

Applied Cybersecurity

The Applied Cybersecurity Division works with industry, academia and government to implement practical cybersecurity and privacy through outreach and effective application of standards and best practices necessary for the U.S. to implement and adopt practical cybersecurity capabilities.

Created May 27, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019