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iEdison API

This page and the pages linked below provide information to agencies and contractors/awardees (organizations) who want to access iEdison Web Services using the certificate based authentication. Web Services allow system-to-system interface or API as a means for external systems to interact with iEdison to create, update and query invention, patent and utilization reports.  

In order to use the API communication, Agencies or Organizations must perform these three tasks:

  1.  Create a system account 

    • Instructions are available HERE

  2. Develop a Restful API client

    • The API Technical Document is available HERE 

    • Examples of API Request and Response are available HERE


If you are attempting to create or update information in iEdison via API and are unsure why you are receiving an error message, see our API Error Troubleshooting Page.

Created June 14, 2022, Updated October 20, 2023