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SID Products, Tools, & Services

Testing and Evaluation
  • XML Testbed - collection of XML-Related Tools
  • Express Engine - STEP (ISO 10303) development environment which supports the validation of STEP data populations via EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) schemata and the transformation of STEP data populations from one schema to another via EXPRESS-X (ISO 10303-14) schemata
  • Model Interchange WG (MIWG) Validator - provides an environment for SE tool developers to assess the interoperability of their implementations
Application Support
Standards Development
  • DEXML - a tool based on UML to aid in specifying and implementing data exchange specifications for PLM
  • OntoSTEP Plugin - translates APs defined in the EXPRESS language (ISO 10303-11) and instance files using the ISO 10303-21
  • Open Source EXPRESS Parser - developer tools for EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11), an information modeling language. The core of this project is a Java Express parser using the ANTLR parser generator
  • Reeper - set of Ruby tools for manipulating ISO EXPRESS data models
  • STEP File Analyzer - a software tool that generates a spreadsheet from a STEP (ISO 10303) file
  • STEP Module Repository - a collection of resources tagged in XML to serve as the core of a modular environment for developers of STEP, a family of product data exchange standards
  • STEP Class Library (SCL) - a set of C++ class libraries which are capable of representing information conforming to the EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) data specification
  • Sustainability Standards Portal - a comprehensive and searchable list of standards with details and links to the original standards developer websites
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Indicator Repository (SMIR) - provides centralized access to sustainability indicators


Created May 3, 2010, Updated January 5, 2017