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DEXML is a tool based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to aid in specifying and implementing data exchange specifications (known as DEXs) for Product Lifecycle Management. A DEX is a business context-specific subset of ISO 10303-239: Product life cycle support (PLCS). DEXs use templates to encode the relationship between the ISO 10303-239 information model and the DEX's business context.
Templates are critical DEX building blocks, yet templates are currently specified using a one-off language for which no software exists. DEXML uses a mainstream modeling language and software technology to encode templates, making it easier to develop and implement DEXs.

DEXML: A First Step Toward a UML Based Implementation Framework for PLCS explains DEXML's motivations and implementation approach in more detail.

The PLCS technical description provides an introduction to the ISO 10303-239 standard, DEX development, and templates. 


The DEXML software consists of the following:

  • A UML representation of the ISO 10303-239 data model
  • A UML profile for specifying PLCS template instantiations
  • A graphical editor using the UML profile


Created September 21, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016