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SmartAmerica Challenge White paper requirement

SmartAmerica Challenge

CPS Test Bed and Activities descriptions

We need your ideas and participation.

CPS Test bed designers and operators, individual organizations, and teams are encouraged to propose ideas for interconnected test beds that bring together two or more sectors.  We are attempting to gather as much information as possible about the ongoing development and research in CPS across America and how it might be combined to show the potential to improve health, safety, manufacturing, transportation, and energy efficiencies and the American economy and job growth.

You are encouraged to submit a "one-pager" addressing the following items. To the extent possible, please be thorough with your answers but refrain from revealing proprietary information since the contents of your information may be made publicly available. 
  1. Please include name, email, and web site link (if available).
  2. Please describe the features, functionality, components, and anticipated users of the CPS testbed that you currently operate. Describe, if any, the existing interface for connecting to and exchanging data with other testbeds. Include sufficient detail for the organizers to understand its capabilities.  
  3. Please describe your proposed scenario for integrated, disparate test beds that will demonstrate the operation of interconnected cyber-physical systems. Please provide sufficient detail to explain how the proposed test beds would create and demonstrate systems that work together. Also indicate the types of partners that would be involved.
  4. Please describe the important benefits that would result from this system, if demonstrated and ultimately implemented. Include benefits to the nation, as well as to industrial applications. This should include economic benefits (new products, jobs, economic growth, exports, tax base, etc.) as well as impacts on energy, health, safety, environment, and other quality of life aspects.
Please send your "one-pager" in MS Word or PDF to smartamerica [at] (smartamerica[at]nist[dot]gov).
Created October 28, 2013, Updated March 7, 2014