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Conference Information

Next ConFerence

ICRA 2024 Yokohama, Japan

13 - 17 May 2024

Format: In-person only

Previous Conferences


Competition: ICRA 2023

Venue: ICRA 2023 London, England

Format: Remote


Competition: IROS 2022

Venue: IROS 2022 Kyoto, Japan

Format: hybrid, (remote and in person)

Competition: ICRA 2022 

Venue: ICRA 2022 Pennsylvania, USA

Format: Remote


Competition: IROS 2020

Venue: ICRA 2020 Paris, France

Format: Remote


Competition: IROS 2019

Venue: IROS 2019 Macau, China

Format: In-person


Created January 3, 2023, Updated January 4, 2024