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ICRA 2023

ICRA 2023 London: This year the competition will be held virtually ONLY. Limited space and time made an in-person competition difficult this year but future competitions will still aim to be in-person. In an effort to draw more attention we will be asking teams to compete over a live feed during the conference dates. Teammates are encouraged to attend the conference in person to watch their teammates compete over the live feed. Visitors will be able to watch each team as they perform their competition runs. We will make accommodations for any teams that are unable to compete during the conference hours (9am- 5pm GMT) but only when necessary. Accommodated teams will be asked to compete on the week prior to the competition.


 Key Dates

  • Friday 24th February 2023 - Confirm participation
  • Tuesday 7th March 2023 - Practice boards sent out
  • Tuesday 25th April - Competition boards sent out
  • Monday 8th – Friday 12th May Video check meetings
  • Tuesday 30th – Friday 2nd May 2023 – Competition week
  • Following week (TBD) After action meeting team presentations
Created January 19, 2023