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RGMC: Practice Task Board

Practice Task Board
Practice Task Board

NIST has practice boards and replacement parts in house and may ship fully fabricated practice task boards to teams who are accepted into the competition. In case of shipping issues, the fabrication instructions and supporting documents for the RGMC: practice task board are provided below. Teams from previous competitions may reuse their practice board since the design has not changed. Please reach out to the organizer if any replacement parts are needed.

  1. Instructions to Produce the Practice Task Board 
  2. Kit files
  3. Solidworks Computer Aided Design (CAD) files for the practice task board
  4. Stereolithography (STL) files
  5. Additional solidworks CAD files for competition task boards
  6. STEP files
  7. Miscellaneous files
    1. LaserCutBoard
    2. Bolt Holder
    3. Wire Rack
  8. Demonstration video of task board assembly:
NIST Task Board (NTB) assembly/disassembly by human hands
NIST Task Board (NTB) assembly/disassembly by human hands
The video shows the assembly and disassembly of the ICRA 2022: manufacturing track competition task board. The video is used to inform users of the general steps required to complete the board, using their robot system, during the competition. [No audio]

Assembly demonstration of the RGMC practice task board
This video provides users of the RGMC task board with a description of the general steps required to assemble and disassemble the board during competition subtasks. Users of the board first prepare the competition setup by setting wires and fasteners in a dispenser of choice, randomly placing the kit layout with components placed on each location, and randomly placing the task board. (Judges will confirm the placement of kit mat and task board). Competitors then begin the competition (clock starts) by autonomously assembling the ATB using their robot system. Once completed, the competition clock is stopped. Judges record the time and check the score. Teams manually assemble the rest of the ATB to prepare for disassembly. Once the board is fully assembled, subtask 2: disassembly begins (clock starts). Team robot system disassembles the ATB by removing parts from the board and placing them in a kit tray. Once completed, the clock is stopped, and scores are recorded. [No Audio]

Competition Task Board

  • The competition task board for every competition will be different but will always be modeled after the practice task board. It may use slightly different parts, new part locations, or surprise subtasks. The additional CAD files ensure that teams have the data for any potential parts for future competition task boards. These additional parts can also be found on the NIST assembly performance task boards. The new parts on the competition board will always be announced prior to the competition day so that teams can prepare.
Created January 3, 2023, Updated January 11, 2023