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Why Exposure Matters, not Parcel Boundary

Property boundaries are not barriers to fire spread.
Existing parcel-centric codes offer limited or no protection to the neighboring parcel.

  • Historically, codes have been parcel-centric and address exposures in the context of protecting a residence from the exposures originating on the same parcel.
  • Focusing only on structures and exposures within a property boundary may threaten a neighbor’s home.
  • The distance between secondary structures, like a storage shed, to all surrounding structures is important, including structures on a neighboring property.



Scenario A:

Shed is located far away from the house on Lot 1 but is too close to the neighboring house across the property boundary on Lot 2. Limiting code application within property lines leaves the hazard imposed from the shed to the neighboring house unmitigated.


Scenario B:

When the property boundary is ignored and the potential exposure is considered, the shed is located far away from both residences.



Created July 6, 2023, Updated August 8, 2023