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Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Group

The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Group develops, advances, and deploys measurement science to reduce risk of fire spread in wildland-urban interface (WUI) communities.


The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Group also carries out mission-related measurement science research and services to develop risk exposure metrics; predicts the spread of fires in WUI communities; assesses fire performance of structures and communities; mitigates effects of WUI fires on structures and communities; and conducts disaster and failure studies to reduce risk of fire hazard in WUI communities.



Watch the video: With Its Dragon, NIST Aims to Reduce the Toll of Wildfires

NIST's Firebrand Generator (also known as the "Dragon") produces showers of burning embers—or firebrands. Ingesting wood chips and exhaling firebrands, the novel equipment is used in research to better understand the behavior of wildfires that spread to communities.


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