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Wildland Urban Interface Fire Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas Cleary Group Leader thomas.cleary [at] Fed
Nicole Cooper Group Secretary nicole.cooper [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
William Boehm william.boehm [at] Assoc
Nicolas Bouvet nicolas.bouvet [at] Fed
Kathryn Butler kathryn.butler [at] Assoc
Thomas Cleary thomas.cleary [at] Fed
Nicole Cooper nicole.cooper [at] Fed
Aika Davis aika.davis [at] Fed
Stephen Fink stephen.fink [at] Fed
Glenn P. Forney glenn.forney [at] Fed
Edward Hnetkovsky edward.hnetkovsky [at] Fed
Karen Jackson karen.jackson [at] Assoc
Erik L. Johnsson erik.johnsson [at] Fed
Eric Link [at] Fed
Alexander Maranghides alexander.maranghides [at] Fed
Derek McNamara derek.mcnamara [at] Assoc
Eric Mueller eric.mueller [at] Fed
Shonali Nazare shonali.nazare [at] Fed
William D. Walton william.walton [at] Assoc
Savannah Wessies savannah.wessies [at] Fed