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2016 Silver Medal Award

Hamins, Toman, McDermott, McGrattan, Peacock, Forney

Hamins, Toman, McDermott, McGrattan, Peacock, Forney


The group is recognized for developing the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) fire modeling software, an outstanding technical achievement in the practical application of fire science, and an innovative engineering tool for cost-effective fire-safe design of structures. FDS bridges the gap between basic research and practical application, while maintaining the highest standards of scientific rigor. FDS has had a significant impact on improving fire safety and reducing annual fire losses. The Fire Dynamics Simulator has revolutionized how performance-based fire safety design is implemented in the U.S.


Kevin McGrattan

Engineering Laboratory

Randall McDermott

Chemical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Glenn Forney

Computer Scientist
Engineering Laboratory

Craig Weinschenk

Fire Protection Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Richard Peacock

Chemical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Anthony Hamins

Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Blaza Toman

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory