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Communities already implementing HMM

The HMM considers that homes within a community are interconnected via combustibles, and therefore their survival during a wildfire depends on unified community hardening. The goal of this method is to provide community leaders with guidance to work with homeowners to protect their properties and the entire community.

The exposure/distance hardening strategy proposed in the HMM offers a path forward that creates discontinuities for fire exposures and selectively hardens structures where clear benefits to ignition resistance can be achieved at a reasonable cost.

  1. Three pilot communities in California are implementing HMM through Cal OES/CAL FIRE's California Wildfire Mitigation Program. So far, project work has only involved assessments. Links to their websites follow:
  2. Funding through the California Wildfire Mitigation Program is available for homeowners living in one of the three pilot phase communities noted above at this time. Expanded funding is planned for additional communities in late 2023.


Created July 6, 2023, Updated August 28, 2023