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/*-->*/ Journal Articles 

/*-->*/ "Fighting Fire with Fire: Empirical Efficacy of Suppression and Fuels Management on Wildfire Behavior." Publication: Environmental and Ecological StatisticsAuthor(s): Butry, D.T.
Year: (Forthcoming)

"The Value of Shade: Estimating the Effect of Urban Trees on Summertime Electricity Use."  Publication: Energy and BuildingsAuthor(s): Donovan, G.H., and D.T. Butry. 
Year: (Forthcoming)

"Economic Performance of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems."
Publication: Fire Technology 45: 117-143
Author(s): Butry, D.T.
Year: 2009

"The Sales Comparison Approach to Tree Valuation and the Value of Portland, Oregon's Street Trees." Publication: Arborist News, AugustAuthors(s): Donovan, G.H. and D.T. Butry Year: 2008

"Protect Thy Neighbor: Investigating the Spatial Externalities of Community Wildfire Hazard Mitigation."  Publication: Forest Science 54(4): 417-428.Authors(s): Butry, D.T. and G.H. DonovanYear: 2008

"The Impact of Wildfire Risk on Housing Price: A Case Study from Colorado Springs."  Publication: Land Economics 83(2): 109-124.Author(s): Donovan, G. H., P.A. Champ, and D.T. ButryYear: 2007

"Measuring the Efficacy of a Wildfire Education Program in Colorado Springs."  Publication: Journal of Emergency Management 5(3): 33-37.Author(s): Donovan, G. H., P.A. Champ, and D.T. Butry Year: 2007
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"Time to Burn: Modeling Wildland Arson as a Autoregressive Crime Function."  Publication: American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87(3): 756-770.Author(s): Prestemon, J.P. and D.T. ButryYear: 2005

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Year: 2001
Created May 12, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010