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CTL Staff Directory


CTL  Staff
OU Director: Dereck Orr (A) Executive Assistant: Cynthia Kotary


CTL HQ  Staff
Chief of Staff: Anne Lane Abhimanyu Ambastha
Executive Officer: Amy Tasker (A)  
HQ Support: Rachel Kotary  
IT Security Officer: Roger Blalock  
NIST Fellow: Nada Golmie  
People Champion: Mary Theofanos  
Business Operations: James Hodge  
Business Operations: Natalie Cruz Rosado  
Business Operations: Suzanne Griesel  
Property and Website: Clay Beckham  
Safety and Infrastructure: Chris Dennis  
SMA: Kristine Tadros (A)  
Special Projects and People: Chris Carson  
Standards Coordinator: Jason Kahn  


Division Division Chief Administrative Officer
671, Public Safety Communication Research Ellen Ryan (A) Kristine Tadros
672, RF Technology Paul Hale Rose Linares
673, Wireless Networks Richard Rouil Lucy Tedesco
674, Smart Connected Systems Abdella Battou Konstantina Di Menza
675, Spetrum Technology and Research Melissa Midzor Amanda Hyman

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Created March 14, 2019, Updated April 28, 2023