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CTL Staff Directory


CTL  Staff
OU Director: Marla Dowell Executive Assistant: Cindy Kotary


CTL HQ (670) Staff
Chief of Staff: Anne Lane Abhimanyu Ambastha
Executive Officer: Brian Copello Konstantina Di Menza
HQ Support: Rachel Kotary Amanda Hyman
ITSO: Roger Blalock Rose Linares
NIST Fellow: Nada Golmie Roy Peterson
People Champion: Mary Theofanos Kristine Tadros
Process Support: James Hodge Lucy Tedesco
Process Support: Natalie Cruz Rosado  
Process Support: Suzanne Griesel  
Property and Website: Clay Beckham  
Safety and Infrastructure: Chris Dennis  
Senior Executive: Chris Greer  
SMA: Amy Tasker  
Special Projects: Chris Carson  
Standards Coordinator: Jason Kahn  


Boulder Labs Office (670.01) Staff
Boulder PREP Linda Derr


Created March 14, 2019, Updated October 12, 2022