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Wireless Networks Division Staff Directory

Richard Rouil Division Chief 301-975-3387
lucy.tedesco [at] (Lucy Tedesco) Administrative Officer 301-975-3833
joyce.malones [at] (Joyce Malones) Office Manager 301-975-2826
jihoon.bang [at] (Jihoon Bang)    
aziza.benmosbah [at] (Aziza Ben Mosbah)   301-975-8435
anmol.bhadwaj [at] (Anmol Bhardwaj)   301-975-0453 [at] (Evan Black)   301-975-4045
steve.blandino [at] (Steve Blandino)   301-975-5353
anuraag.bodi [at] (Anuraag Bodi)   301-975-6049
Oliver Borchert   301-975-4856
raied.caromi [at] (Raied Caromi)   301-975-6194
mark.carson [at] (Mark Carson)   301-975-3694
jack.chuang [at] (Jack Chuang)   301-975-4171
fernando.cintron [at] (Fernando Cintron)   301-975-6353
jean-aicard.fabien [at] (Jean-Aicard Fabien)   301-975-8208
samantha.gamboaquintiliani [at] (Samantha Gamboa-Quintiliani)   301-975-4587
weichao.gao [at] (Weichao Gao)   301-975-5353
wesley.garey [at] (Wesley Garey)   301-975-5190
camillo.gentile [at] (Camillo Gentile)   301-975-3685
sneihi.gopal [at] (Sneihil Gopal)   301-975-0468
david.griffith [at] (David Griffith)   301-975-3512
damla.guven [at] (Damla Guven)   301-975-0456
liliahannachi [at] (Lilia Hannachi)   301-975-3259
alexander.jia [at] (Alexander Jia)   301-975-0462
cheihping.lai [at] (David Lai)   301-975-6797
keyhwan.lee [at] (Kye Hwan Lee)   301-975-6512
chunmei.liu [at] (Chunmei Liu)   301-975-0454
peng.liu [at] (Peng Liu)   301-975-8430
kevin.mills [at] (Kevin Mills)   301-975-2826
doug.montgomery [at] (Doug Montgomery)   301-975-3630
thao.nguyen [at] (Thao Nguyen)   301-975-8617
neha.pazare [at] (Neha Pazare)    
cheng.qian [at] (Cheng Qian)   301-975-4106
tanguy.ropitault [at] (Tanguy Ropitault)   301-975-4626
scott.rose [at] (Scott Rose)   301-975-8439
anirudha.sahoo [at] (Anirudha Sahoo)   301-975-4439
darrin.santay [at] (Darrin Santay)   301-975-3094
bhadresh.savaliya [at] (Bhadresh Savaliya)   301-975-4962
rudolph.semper [at] (Rudolph Semper)    
jelena.senic [at] (Jelena Senic)   303-497-7474
kotikalapudi.sriram [at] (Sriram Kotikalapudi)   301-975-0462
yishen.sun [at] (Yishen Sun)   301-975-4079
pu.tian [at] (Pu Tian)   301-975-0604
neeraj.varshney [at] (Neeraj Varshney)   301-975-8028 [at] (Jian Wang)   301-975-8012 [at] (Zheng Wang)   301-975-0462
wei.yu [at] (Wei Yu)   301-975-4435

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Created March 18, 2019, Updated April 3, 2023