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Living in Boulder, CO

In addition to Gaithersburg, MD, NIST is also located in Boulder, Colorado, approximately 30 miles northwest of Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  Situated near the Flatirons formations, the site features hiking, biking, trails, and a variety of wildlife.

Median Home and Rental Information for Areas near Boulder, CO

  Lakewood Broomfield Northglen Thornton Brighton
Distance from NIST 20 miles SE 15 miles SE 20 miles SE 21 miles SE 26 miles E
Home $247,000 $279,300 $188,100 $212,200 $193,200
Rental $1,060 $1,480 $990 $950 $1,300


  • Normal average daily temperature: 64.5 degrees F
  • Warmest month: July
  • Coolest month: December
  • Average Annual Snowfall: 81 inches




Where to Find Housing:

Cost of Living:

To get a better sense of what the cost of living in Boulder might be for you, check out the cost of living calculator at

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Created May 21, 2014, Updated December 4, 2019