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The Official Baldrige Blog

Baldrige Excellence Framework (Criteria)

Highlighting Inspired Leadership

The recent Quest for Excellence® conference put a spotlight on leadership and some of the Baldrige community leaders who are inspiring others across the nation

What Provides Clarity

I am reminded of the old Abbott and Costello routine, "Who's on First." In the routine, who's on first is a declarative statement, not a question: Who is the

Retirement Plus Five

So, How is Retirement? This is a question I frequently get asked as I approach the fifth anniversary of my retirement from being the director of the Baldrige

Leadership Practices of Stellar Solutions

Five-Part Leadership Blog Series In this five-part blog series on the 2017 Baldrige Award recipients’ leadership presentations at the 30th Anniversary Quest

Learning: Baldrige to Lean Six Sigma

How would you visualize learning when considering the relationship between the Baldrige Excellence framework and its Criteria and Lean Six Sigma? Eric Franks

Three Powerful Questions

I recently had the privilege of attending the 12th Annual Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE) Conference. There were many excellent


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About this blog

Blogrige, the official blog of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, shares practical guidance, success stories, examples, and inspiration on how Baldrige resources can support your long-term success, whether your organization is large or small, has one site or worldwide locations, and is just getting started or continuously improving.

The Baldrige Program offers a comprehensive and proven leadership and management framework that focuses on results in all areas of your organization. Learn more about the Baldrige Progam, the products and services available to help your organization succeed, and how to self-assess using the Baldrige framework.

If you have any questions about Blogrige, please contact Baldrige Customer Service at

The views presented here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of NIST.