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The Official Baldrige Blog

Baldrige Excellence Framework (Criteria)

A Memorable Quest for Excellence Moment

Before you read further, get your tissues out. I have had many memorable moments over the years at Quest for Excellence conferences. And I have never left an

It's Not That Simple

I have recently read numerous copies of the same short blog post on different web sites. The blog post says there is one simple question to ask that will give

What Can Be Learned By Following a Thread

The beauty of the systems approach in the Baldrige Excellence Framework is that it depicts the interwoven connections of an organization. In any business,

Fanfare for Baldrige in Health Care

In January 2015, the 2015–2016 Baldrige Excellence Framework (Health Care) —which contains the Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence, core values and

Baldrige Competitiveness in Puerto Rico

Small businesses in Puerto Rico are becoming more competitive, more sustainable, more global, and many of them have Carmen Martí and the Baldrige Criteria to

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Blogrige, the official blog of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, shares practical guidance, success stories, examples, and inspiration on how Baldrige resources can support your long-term success, whether your organization is large or small, has one site or worldwide locations, and is just getting started or continuously improving.

The Baldrige Program offers a comprehensive and proven leadership and management framework that focuses on results in all areas of your organization. Learn more about the Baldrige Progam, the products and services available to help your organization succeed, and how to self-assess using the Baldrige framework.

If you have any questions about Blogrige, please contact Baldrige Customer Service at baldrige [at]

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