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Examiner Training Logistics

Welcome to the Award-winning 2020 Baldrige Examiner Training. This site will provide you with information to help you with training dates, hotel reservations, transportation, and more. We look forward to seeing you at training!


We are excited that you will be participating in this year’s award-winning Baldrige Examiner Training course!

Baldrige examiners provide a valuable service to our country by using their expertise to improve the performance of U.S. organizations and help identify national role models The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program—which provides value to U.S. organizations and the nation’s economy at a benefit-to-cost ratio of at least 820 to 1 -- owes much of its success to the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who serve as examiners each year. The Baldrige Program relies on dedicated volunteers like you, and we could not function effectively without you. 

BETE participants will gain an understanding of the volunteer work performed by hundreds of Baldrige examiners every year. This incredible opportunity will allow you to learn from and network with the nation’s foremost performance-excellence professionals from all sectors. 

This site will help you with travel, lodging, and other logistical aspects of Baldrige examiner training. Familiarizing yourself with its contents will answer most of your questions concerning what to expect before and during examiner training.

Training Checklist