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What People Are Saying

Baldrige Helps U.S. Organizations Be Resilient​

Photo of Gerry Agnes 2019 Baldrige Overseer.
Gerry Agnes

The Baldrige framework has positioned Elevations Credit Union to perform exceptionally well for its members, employees, and community, regardless of remarkably challenging conditions, including the Great Recession and a global pandemic. ​

The Baldrige framework, if deployed properly, builds organizational resiliency. We began our Baldrige journey in the summer of 2008 during the Great Recession and received our first award in 2014.  ​

We received our second award during a global pandemic that created a global economic recession. During that period, our return on equity averaged 11%, which was 38% greater than that of our peer group.  ​

The Baldrige framework enabled us to create robust leadership and strategic planning systems that contributed mightily to our ability to predict or respond very early to changing conditions. By doing so, we have been able to realize above-market returns on equity. ​

Gerry Agnes, President and CEO, Elevations Credit Union, 2020 and 2014 Baldrige Award recipient


Susan A. Stuart, President & CEO, Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE)
Susan Stuart
Credit: CORE

In this time of global uncertainty, the Baldrige framework has proved an invaluable foundation for CORE. The emergency preparedness plans CORE established during our near decade-long performance excellence journey have ensured the continuity of the organization’s operations—allowing our leadership team and workforce to remain safe, and committed to our mission to “save and heal lives through donation,” throughout this constantly evolving health crisis.  ​ ​

Although we remain optimistic that this threat will soon be contained, CORE will never stop working on behalf of the more than 112,000 people across the country who need a life-saving transplant and the donor families who find comfort in donation’s lasting legacy.  ​

Susan Stuart, President and CEO, Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), ​2019 Baldrige Award recipient  ​


Kathleen Hetherington headshot
Kathleen Hetherington
Credit: Howard Community College

Since our Baldrige journey began, Howard Community College has always focused on continuous quality improvement. No time in our 50-year history has tested the college more than the current global coronavirus pandemic. I have been heartened by just how nimble our faculty and staff have been. They pivoted quickly to develop new processes, track progress, and measure results. Howard Community College is a stronger, more resilient organization because of Baldrige.   ​

Kathleen Hetherington, Ed.D., President, Howard Community College, 2019 Baldrige Award recipient


Brian Collins, Executive Director, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund headshot
Brian Collins
Credit: IMRF

… because of Baldrige, we are agile and prepared for change. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were all shocked, but not surprised. We rapidly innovated and transitioned into our remote-working plan without missing a beat. Any doubts about the power of Baldrige have been put to rest.  ​

 ​Our retirees can count on us, and focus their energy on the health and safety of their families. We continue to manage our response by evaluating COVID 19 statistics, customer and workforce needs, changing legislative environment, and best practices.  ​

Brian Collins, Executive Director, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, ​2019 Baldrige Award recipient ​


Brian Dieter, President and CEO of Baldrige Award recipient Mary Greeley Medical Center (MGMC)
Brian Dieter
Credit: MGMC

We know our commitment to the Baldrige [Excellence] Framework allowed us to systematically plan and prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic, all while exceeding our customer expectations and maintaining strong operations.  ​

Brian Dieter, President and CEO, Mary Greeley Medical Center,  ​2019 Baldrige Award recipient  


Allison Carter Baldrige Judge photo
Allison Carter

I think the future for our organization has changed dramatically and will continue to change over the next few years, but I think that the foundation we built based on Baldrige while we were with PwC has really served us and helped us weather through significant transformation.

Allison Carter, Director, Guidehouse (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector Practice, 2014 Baldrige Award recipient) ​


Jayne Pope from Hill Country Memorial photo
Jayne Pope
Credit: Hill Country Memorial

With what we are dealing with now, we’re certainly glad for our hard-wired processes and systems that we learned from the Baldrige [Excellence] Framework and that we continue to learn.  ​

Jayne Pope, CEO, Hill Country Memorial, 2014 Baldrige Award recipient  ​


Nick Macchione, (Former) Director, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency,  ​ participant in Baldrige-based Community of Excellence (COE) 2026 initiative
Nick Macchione
Credit: Hamilton Photography

Our experience using Communities of Excellence and Baldrige-based principles in the community positioned us to naturally approach the COVID-19 pandemic through a collaborative and inclusive lens. Work groups for all sectors in the community were quickly formed and now communicate weekly through well-attended, robust digital sessions, ensuring that all stakeholders are current on the latest developments and can get their questions answered. We swiftly and collaboratively moved to protect vulnerable populations, taking steps that have been recognized by the state governor during his daily news conferences. We worked side by side with all [in] our healthcare community to creatively expand medical capacity well in advance of the expected surge. Our experience with COE and Baldrige has allowed us to collectively and collaboratively ensure that our community remains healthy, safe, and thriving. 

Nick Macchione, (Former) Director, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, participant in Baldrige-based Community of Excellence (COE) 2026 initiative  


James F. Berry, Former President, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, 2012 Baldrige Award recipient
Credit: Lockheed Martin (MFC)

Baldrige sustains and maintains a succession of learning—a model to stay out front of constant change. It helps an organization to reset if its processes are not as efficient as they should be.

James F. Berry, former President, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, 2012 Baldrige Award recipient

Created January 9, 2024, Updated January 17, 2024