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Benefit of Applying

Whether the organization is a national role-model, a finalist, or an applicant for the award, all will receive an evaluation report from the Baldrige examiners. There is much value in being recognized, including​

  • Presidential and U.S. Department of Commerce recognition as a national role model
  • Competitive advantage when you can identify your organization as a national role-model of resilience​
  • Special recognition related to your core business/values and aligned with your organization’s purpose​
  • Unique insights related to your performance, innovation, and readiness for disruption
  • Brand enhancement with customers, partners, shareholders, stakeholders, workforce members, and others
  • A leading-edge, proven model for long-term success​

Impressive Results!​

Two-time Baldrige Award winners: ​

  • 80%: Median growth in revenue from the first to second win (more than five years apart) ​
  • 56%: Median job from the first to second win (more than five years apart) ​

Three-time Baldrige Award winners: ​

  • 255%: Median growth in revenue from the first to third win (more than ten years apart) ​
  • 188%: Median job growth from the first to third win (more than ten years apart) 
Created January 9, 2024, Updated February 21, 2024