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2024 Baldrige Award Media Kit

Announcing the 2024 Baldrige Award Application. Learn more and Apply Today! Showing the award crystal with a flowing wave surrounding it.

A collection of messaging, graphics, and more to help communicate about the changes to the Baldrige Award.

Messaging about the 2024 Baldrige Award

Press Release

Award Criteria​

In July 2022, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP), NIST, and the Department of Commerce initiated a review to “reimagine” Baldrige. The review assessed how the program can best advance U.S. competitiveness and address the challenges most relevant in today’s business environment, as well as examine how its impact and accessibility could be increased. ​

Online, Streamlined Application​

A now-available, easy-to-use, online application includes the new Baldrige Award Criteria for 2024, which requests information about the organization and its performance results or outcomes in the following areas: ​

  • Leadership and Governance ​
  • Strategy ​
  • Operations ​
  • Operational Continuity ​
  • Workforce ​
  • Customers and Markets ​
  • Community Engagement ​
  • Finance ​

Trained Baldrige examiners will evaluate the results on responsiveness to the questions, performance levels and trends, comparisons to competitors or industry benchmarks (as appropriate), and relevance of the metrics provided.  ​

The application will be open from January to mid-March.   

Focused Award Process ​

The Baldrige Award process has also been simplified with examiner worksheets and a scoring rubric that focuses on levels and trends, comparisons, and relevance. Results and outcomes from the online application will be evaluated by examiners in both independent and consensus reviews. A site visit review phase will verify performance results and explore key processes, systems, and various role-model characteristics. ​

Role Models of Organizational Resilience and Other Recognitions​

The Baldrige Award will recognize U.S. organizations that are role models for resilience and long-term success. For the first time, participating organizations that advance to the site visit phase of the award process will be announced with their permission as finalists for the award. In addition, site-visited organizations will be eligible for special recognition for having significant impact in an area of importance to their organizations, their key stakeholders, and/or the nation. Recognitions may include ​

  • reshoring high-quality jobs; ​
  • improving the overall well-being of their workforce; ​
  • strengthening the resilience of their supply chain; or ​
  • enhancing the economic vitality, health, and/or education of underserved populations in their communities. 

Media Contact

Chad Boutin
charles.boutin [at] (
(301) 975-4261

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Created January 8, 2024, Updated February 23, 2024