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Organizational Resilience

  • Building on the Baldrige Program’s legacy of quality and performance excellence, starting in 2024, the Baldrige Award will recognize role models of organizational resilience and long-term success—organizations that are ready and able to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-changing, dynamic environment.
  • The focus on resilience is due to the fact that businesses and other organizations are facing an ever-changing environment, and a failure to prepare, adapt, and innovate (i.e., be resilient) will lead to organizational failure in today’s world. Our nation needs organizations that can achieve and sustain high performance over time and through various disruptions––be they technological, geopolitical, environmental, or market-based.
  • Sharing and promoting the nation’s role-model organizations are aligned with the Baldrige Program’s mission and goals to improve the performance and long-term success of businesses and other organizations by recognizing role-models and fostering the adoption of proven practices.
Created January 8, 2024, Updated January 25, 2024