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SBIR Success Story-Rockwise

Chestnut Ridge Research Bldg, 6th Floor
Morgantown, WV 26508

Contact: Cary Landis
Phone: 304-276-7625
Web Site

Project Title:  RBAC-based Workflow

NIST Award(s):  SB134109CN0076

Technology Developed: Virtual Global created a product called HITplatform. It is a set of online tools for implementing electronic medical records solutions with dramatically improved patient privacy. It implements Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), or Role-based Workflow, a patented NIST invention that controls privileged access to electronic records based on situational need. Role-based Workflow is available separately as a web services library.

Key Words: privacy, EHR, EMR, cloud computing, platform, security, Health IT, health records

Uses of Technology/Products/Service: The technology solves the enormous and growing problem of "overly broad access to patient information" within healthcare software settings. As a result of the SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 awards, Virtual Global created a software implementation of the Role-based Workflow invention, and then integrated it into its cloud computing platform tools. Next, Virtual Global launched, a website that makes the NIST invention commercially available to software providers in the healthcare industry.

Benefit to Company: The SBIR awards enabled Virtual Global to recruit two part-time software programmers, the principle investigator, and related support services. In August 2010, Virtual Global completed the primary Phase 2 deliverables, and became eligible to submit Phase 3 proposals. The company expects to hire more than 20 new employees in 2011 as a direct result of the opportunities created by the SBIR. This is in addition to the much larger economic benefits that are provided through and to partnering companies. The resulting technologies fit into the multi-billion dollar Health IT and cloud computing spaces, and also address national priorities with its focus on patient privacy. As a direct result of the SBIR funding, Virtual Global has introduced a viable alternative to high-cost electronic health records software to the healthcare industry. 

Impact on Company Growth: Tactical, Strategic

How Product Was Commercialized: Virtual Global created a web services library implementation of RBAC-based Workflow, and integrated the library into its cloud computing platform, TeamHost, as a service. Virtual Global created associated user and system integrator documentation. Then, Virtual Global negotiated an exclusive license with NIST. Finally, Virtual Global launched to make its new commercial offerings available over the Internet using the "as a service" delivery model. At this time, Virtual Global is entering the sales and marketing stage.

Other Comments Related to Company's Success Story: Virtual Global feels that RBAC and RBAC-based Workflow alleviate the privacy concerns that have been brought to light by the recent "Wikileaks" news. With RBAC-based Workflow, privacy of federal records may be dramatically improved. That is, the benefits extend well-beyond the healthcare industry to address other federal and industry applications.

Created March 6, 2012, Updated August 23, 2023