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SBIR Success Story-OpenTech

2000 Kraft Drive, Ste 1101
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Contact: Daniel Larimer
Phone: 540-239-1863
E-maildlarimer [at] (dlarimer[at]opentechinc[dot]com)
Web Site

Project Title:  Collaborative Virtual Environments (CoVE)

NIST Award(s):  SB1341-05-W-0846,SB1341-04-W-1123

Technology Developed: Open Tech has developed an immersive Virtual Reality user interface framework to support the rapid development of collaborative, multi-user, multi-tasking, reusable applications.

Key Words: Virtual Reality, Collaborative, VEWL, API, Visualization , Interface, Software

Uses of Technology/Products/Service: Our CoVE technology enables virtual reality application developers to create reusable and user-friendly immersive applications. CoVE does for virtual reality what Windows did for DOS. By enabling true multi-tasking, CoVE is the first Virtual Reality software that enables an VR interaction technique, component, or utility to be reused without consideration for other VR programs running within the same immersive space. VEWL provides user interfaces that are familiar and easy to use. These interfaces allow VR developers save time and money while providing new kinds of control to their users.

Benefit to Company: The NIST SBIR program enabled us to found Open Tech and enter the VR market with an idea developed by the founder doing research as part of a graduate class at Virginia Tech. Through the research and development of CoVE Open Tech has gained the technical expertise and experience needed to win additional software contracts that leverage and apply CoVE to different industries, such as robotics. 

Impact on Company Growth: Tactical, Strategic

How Product Was Commercialized: The product has been commercialized as a means to sell our software development services to other companies. CoVE gives us a distinct competitive advantage over our competitors that would require years of R&D to implement what we provide to our customers with CoVE.

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project: $75K

Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project: $750K

Created March 6, 2012, Updated August 23, 2023