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SBIR Success Story-MicroFab

1104 Summit Avenue, Ste 110
Plano, TX 75074

Contact: David Wallace
Phone: 972-578-8076
Fax: 972-423-2438
E-maildavid.wallace [at] (david[dot]wallace[at]microfab[dot]com)
Web Site

Project Title:  Polymeric Coating by Ink Jet Printing

NIST Award(s):  SB1341-02-W-1130

Technology Developed: MicroFab developed technology to pattern polymers in multiple layers on a micron and sub-micron thichness dimensional scale using ink-jet printing technology.

Key Words: ink-jet, rfid, polymers, displays, electronics, resistors

Uses of Technology/Products/Service: Applications of the technology developed under this SBIR range from printing passive dielectric coatings and polymer resistors to printing active electronic devices such as polymer LEDs and polymer transistors. These components are used in emerging high volume / low cost electronics, displays, RFID devices, etc.

Benefit to Company: The successful results of this project allowed us to leverage our existing Jetlab® printing platform family into new applications. In particular, export sales were enabled. Expanded sales into organic logic (rfid), polymer displays, electronic manufacturing resulted from this project.  

Impact on Company Growth: Tactical

How Product Was Commercialized: The components and processes developed in this project were implemented on our Jetlab® printing platform family, thus increasing the customer base for our flagship products.

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project: $0.5M Estimated

Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project: $1.0M

Created March 6, 2012, Updated September 13, 2023