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SBIR Success Story: InfoBeyond Technology LLC

320 Whittington Pkwy., Ste. 117
Louisville, KY 40222

Contact:  Bin Xie
Phone:  (502) 371-0909
Fax: (502)415-7146
E-Mail: Bin.Xie [at] (Bin[dot]Xie[at]infobeyondtech[dot]com)
Product Website:
Company Website:

Project Title:  ACPT: A User-Friendly, Efficient, Reliable, and Generic Access Control Policy Modeling, Verification, and Testing Tool

NIST Award: 70NANB16H190

Technology Developed:  Faulty policies, misconfigurations, or flaws in an access control system can result in serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities, such as data breach and insider attacks.  Security Policy Tool enables organizations to create, edit, model, test, and verify that their access control policies systematically to prevent access control errors and enhance their access control security. The verified access control policies can be automatically converted and edited in XACML files easily for system deployments.

Key Words: Access Control, Security Policies, Access Control Modeling, Testing, Verification, Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), XACML, XACML Editor

Uses of Technology/Products/Service: InfoBeyond Technology LLC has developed Security Policy Tool to empower businesses to more effectively prevent access control vulnerabilities as a result of misconfigured security policies. Security Policy Tool is used by customers in many different industries including BFSI, Defense, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, University, and others. The user-friendly solution enables IT Security Specialists to create, edit, model, test, and verify their company’s and/or client’s access control policies systematically. By using Security Policy Tool, organizations can gain the confidence that their access control security policies will function as intended in the event hackers or malicious insiders attempt to steal or leak sensitive online assets. Not only that but Security Policy Tool has been designed with the end-user in mind so that organizing, testing, and analyzing policies and policy test results has never been easier. Users of Security Policy Tool can achieve significant savings in the time and cost required to manage their policies.

Benefit to Company: Through the NIST Phase I and Phase II funding, InfoBeyond Technology LLC has been able to develop and provide their powerful access control security solution to customers across the globe. Since first launch in July 2017 Security Policy Tool has increased in customers acquired each month. Through the success of Security Policy Tool, InfoBeyond Technology has experienced growth and added additional engineers and Marketing/Sales staff to join their talented team. Security Policy Tool is available for purchase and download at ( They currently offer three versions of their solution with various payment monthly subscription options – Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited versions and also a Free Demo as well. Security Policy Tool has been used by various mid to large sized organizations including Costco, Edmond Scientific, JP Morgan, REA Group, University California San Diego, UK Government, and many others.

Technology’s Impact on Company’s Growth: Strategic, Tactical   

How Product was Commercialized: Security Policy Tool has consistently increased the number of customers acquired per month since first launch. InfoBeyond believes the key to continued commercial success with Security Policy Tool is dependent on meeting the needs of the businesses that rely on access control security most critically (Healthcare, Finance, National Security, etc.) and the product is improved according to the customer’s feedback. InfoBeyond has placed a large emphasis on Marketing Communications (website design, social media engagement, forum discussion, etc.) to help security specialists that work with Access Control System Performance and Maintenance to find Security Policy Tool through online search and other platforms. Security Policy Tool news and updates can be found on their dedicated News Page as well as Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn). InfoBeyond is featured as one of 50 fast growth IT small businesses in 2017 by The Silicon Review. Security Policy Tool is awarded the 2017 Innovative Security Solution Award at the 2017 Big Data and SDN/NFV Summit and it is acquired in the Wikipedia XACML page.

Other Comments: InfoBeyond Technology LLC has an outstanding team of Research Scientists, Computer Engineers, and Marketing/Sales Staff whom make obtaining new opportunities a seamless task. Another product InfoBeyond Technology is currently developing is a fragment-based cloud storage solution. Their solution, NXdrive, and its fragment-based approach takes business and personal saved files and converts them into individual and randomly distributed pieces. In doing so it makes it significantly less achievable for criminals during a cyber-attack to uncover complete or useful information. NXdrive is still being developed and will be made commercially available in the next year or two.  

Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project:  $5M

Created March 6, 2018, Updated August 23, 2023