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Enabling Federal Technology Transfer Program

Award Announcement

On November 7, 2019, NIST made a 5-year award on behalf of the FLC Executive Board to AUTM for the Enabling Federal Technology Transfer (EFTT) Program. More information about the program is below.

About the EFTT Program

NIST, on behalf of the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Executive Board, is soliciting applications for a cooperative agreement to enable Federal technology transfer.  Under the Enabling Federal Technology Transfer (EFTT) Program, members of the FLC's Executive Board, including NIST, will collaborate with academia and industry on the development of outreach and educational programs, tools, and best practices that will enhance the ability of the academic and private sectors to engage with Federal Laboratories in technology transfer and research commercialization. Specifically, the awardee will collaborate with the Federal Laboratory Consortium's Executive Board, including NIST, in the areas of technology transfer and research commercialization by: developing the necessary tools and services to promote the utilization of Federal intellectual property, user facilities, and other R&D resources by non-Federal partners; creating a suitable education and training infrastructure in technology transfer for the relevant stakeholders; and engaging the industry, academic, and state and local government communities to facilitate access to Federal R&D collaborations and Federal technology transfer opportunities on both a regional and a national level. Applications were due by August 16, 2019. Click here to see the funding announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there an incumbent of this program?  If so, can you please share who?
Answer: The EFTT Program is new so there is no incumbent for this funding opportunity.

Question: What is the amount of involvement expected in the planning/ execution of events mentioned on Page 7 of 37? (i.e. high-level tasks such as Strategy or administrative tasks such as Find and secure venues, Print materials, etc.)
Answer: The awardee would collaborate with the FLC Program Committee and/or FLC region, as necessary, for both high-level strategic planning as well as administrative tasks related to the execution of events.

Question: Who prepared the Draft FLC Strategic Plan?  Should the Draft FLC Strategic Plan that is posted online be considered a guideline for activities to be performed under the EFTT?
Answer: The Draft FLC Strategic Plan was prepared by the FLC Executive Board.  The goals of the strategic plan align with the three goals of the EFTT NOFO.

Question: Please elaborate on the role of NIST as the “host agency” and the meaning of that status in terms of practical activities by NIST in support of FLC.
Answer: NIST’s role as the Host Agency is provided in statute.  In terms of activities by NIST in support of the FLC, NIST provides administrative services (15 U.S.C. 3710(e)(4)) such as funding agreement preparation and oversight, training new board members, processing invitational travel for board members, and MOUs with board member agencies; and financial services (15 U.S.C. 3710(e)(7)) related to the collection and disbursement of FLC funds. NIST also holds a permanent seat on the FLC Executive Board as the Host Agency Representative.

Question: Do you plan to continue using your existing website infrastructure for the online resources mentioned on Page 6 of 37?  Or will the awardee be responsible for development of a new site?
Answer: We expect to use the existing website infrastructure and have planned for a transition period during the first 2-3 months of the award.

Question:  Sections IV.2.a.(2) Research & Related Budget (see page 10) and IV.6. Funding Restrictions (see page 20) of the NOFO, indicates the fees line is not relevant to this competition and states that profit and fees are not an allowable cost.  Do these restrictions apply to for-profit organizations?
Answer:  Fees and profits may not be listed as separate line items on the budget, regardless of the type of organization applying

Question: Footnote 12 (see page 8) provides information on the 2015-2019 FLC Strategic Plan. Is updated information about the FLC's Strategic Plan available?
Answer: The current draft Strategic Plan is now available online.

Public Webinar

7/17/19 Webinar Slides


Created May 31, 2019, Updated August 23, 2023