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Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee

Members of the OSAC Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee (SAC)

The Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee (SAC) provides strategic direction, serves as a platform to integrate similar standards activities across multiple forensic science disciplines, and manages the activities of the following subcommittees:


Robyn Ragsdale, Ph.D., SAC Chair, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Carl Sobieralski,  SAC Vice Chair, Indiana State Police Laboratory Division

Catherine Grgicak, SAC Executive Secretary, Rutgers University - Camden


Jason Bundy, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Quality Infrastructure Representative)

Jason Byrd, Ph.D.,  University of Florida

Thomas Callaghan, Ph.D., Federal Bureau of Investigation

Nadja Compo, Florida International University (Human Factors Representative)

Kathleen Corrado, Onondaga County Center for Forensic Sciences

Phillip Danielson, Ph.D., University of Denver

Kimberly Frazier, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Chair of the OSAC Wildlife Forensics Subcommittee

Jennifer Friedman, Los Angeles County Public Defender (Legal Resource Representative)

Simone Gittelson, Ph.D., University of Technology - Sydney

Kristine Kadash, Jefferson County Regional Crime Laboratory, Chair of the OSAC Biological Methods Subcommittee

Beth Ordeman, Pinellas County Forensic Laboratory, Chair of the OSAC Biological Data Interpretation & Reporting Subcommittee

Tabitha Viner, National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory 

Bruce Weir, Ph.D., University of Washington


Created August 28, 2020