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OSAC Registry Implementation

Standards are only beneficial if they are used. To improve consistency within and across forensic science disciplines, ensure confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility of laboratory results, and positively increase the impact of admissibility and expert testimony in courts of law, OSAC encourages our stakeholders in the forensic science and criminal justice communities to implement the standards on the OSAC Registry into their everyday practice.

OSAC's Registry Implementation Journey

Cover of OSAC Registry Implementation Plan_November 2020
  • August 2018: The FSSB prepared an OSAC Registry Implementation Plan for our forensic science partners that describes various strategies that OSAC might use to encourage our stakeholders to promote and implement the approved standards listed on the OSAC Registry.  
  • July 2019: At the OSAC All-Hands Meetings, brainstorming sessions were held with OSAC’s 25 subcommittees to identify the benefits, challenges, perspectives, and needs that crime laboratories and other forensic science service providers may face around implementation. An OSAC Registry Implementation Strategy Sessions Recap Report was developed which summarizes the key findings from the brainstorming sessions and includes a road map for next steps.
  • June 2020: The FSSB Quality Task Group created the OSAC Registry Implementation How-to Guide for crime labs and other forensic science service providers. This guide describes various pathways, along with specific examples, on how to implement the standards on the OSAC Registry.
  • June 2021: OSAC launched its first Registry Implementation Survey. This annual survey is intended to help OSAC better understand how the standards on the Registry are being used, the challenges around implementation, and what support is needed to improve it. 

OSAC Registry Implementers

OSAC Implementer Ribbon

Over 100 forensic science service providers across the U.S. are using the standards on the OSAC Registry. Read the media releases and announcements from some of these OSAC Registry Implementers

Seven professional organizations, all represented on OSAC's FSSB, also formally declared their support for OSAC and the development and implementation of forensic science standards. Learn more about AAFS, AFQAM, AFTE, ASCLD, IAI, NAME, and SOFT and read their policy and position statements

Implementation Resources

For our stakeholders getting ready to undertake standards implementation, here are some resources to help you:

Has your organization embarked on its implementation journey?

Complete OSAC's Registry Implementation Declaration Form and send it to mark.stolorow [at] to let us know. Share your implementation experience and be featured in a future OSAC news post. 

Created August 30, 2018, Updated January 5, 2023