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Statistical Design, Analysis, and Modeling Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dennis D. Leber Group Leader dennis.leber [at] Fed
Patti Rohmiller Group Secretary patti.rohmiller [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Olha Bodnar olha.bodnar [at] IntlAssoc
Max Filliben max.filliben [at] Assoc
Kristine Gierz kristine.gierz [at] Fed
Gregory Haber gregory.haber [at] Fed
Jan Hannig jan.hannig [at] Fed
N. Alan Heckert alan.heckert [at] Fed
Dennis D. Leber dennis.leber [at] Fed
Hung-Kung Liu hung-kung.liu [at] Fed
Adam L. Pintar adam.pintar [at] Fed
Antonio Possolo antonio.possolo [at] Fed
Jack Prothero jack.prothero [at] Fed
Andrew L. Rukhin andrew.rukhin [at] Fed
David Sadek david.sadek [at] Assoc
Anuj Srivastava Fed
Blaza Toman blaza.toman [at] Fed