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N. Alan Heckert

Alan Heckert joined SED in 1996. He came to NIST in 1985 as member of the consulting group for the NIST supercomputer center. He previously worked for 4½ years for the Statistical Research Division of the Census Bureau. His primary areas of interest are statistical computing, statistical graphics and distributional modeling.

Alan is currently the lead developer for the e-FITS and e-Metrology web projects. Current collaborators include Gale Holmes, Jae-Hyun Kim, and Walter McDonough of the Polymers and Complex Fluids group and Jeffrey Fong of the Mathematical Analysis and Modeling group. Some past projects include computing support for various radiation detection test campaigns conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and for an MEL scatterfield microscopy project.

Current Projects/Duties:

Technical Areas of Research and Consulting:

  • Statistical graphics
  • Statistical computing

Professional Activities and Societies and Standards Activities


  • Department of Commerce (DoC) Silver Medal, 2003


Created October 9, 2019