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Gaithersburg Group

The Gaithersburg Group of the Statistical Engineering Division focuses on collaborations with NIST scientists in the Gaithersburg, Maryland, campus.

The Gaithersburg Group focuses on collaborations with NIST scientists in the Gaithersburg, Maryland, campus, with emphasis on NIST's Special Programs (including greenhouse gases and law enforcement standards), IMS projects (e.g., Optical Medical Imaging, Shape Metrology), statistical modeling and data analysis for NIST Standard Reference Materials, experimental design, exploratory data analysis, and statistical modeling and inference supporting scientific discovery and technology development, as well as education and training.


Statistical Metrology Short Courses - Staff members of the Statistical Engineering Division regularly offer short courses on uncertainty analysis, design of experiments, and other topics in statistical metrology. Short courses are offered at NIST, at conferences open to the public, and for other government agencies.


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Projects and Programs

metRology Software Project

The goal of the metRology software project is to provide a set of specialized functions for statistical metrology as a package for the R software environment