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2020 Gold Medal Award


The group is recognized for developing standards to improve the decision-making process and response to biological threat agents by first responders.  The suite of standards include standard methods for powder collection, operational guidelines for first responders, and the first NIST live cell reference material. The suite of standards has been refined in field and interlaboratory studies with professional rescue personnel. These efforts have strengthened the national biothreat response and increased quality of results used to support high-stakes public safety decision-making.


Nancy Lin

Supervisory Biomedical Engineer
Material Measurement Laboratory, Biosystems and Biomaterials Division

James Filliben

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory

Lindsay Harris

Biological Science Technician
Material Measurement Laboratory

Zvi Kelman

Material Measurement Laboratory

Sandra Da Silva

Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Steven Lund

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory, Statistical Engineering Division

Nathanael Olson

Material Measurement Laboratory

Jennifer Verkouteren

Physical Scientist
Material Measurement Laboratory