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NIST-Recommended Practice Guide

Targeted toward specific industrial challenges, these practical, user-friendly guides are based on the extensive experience of NIST researchers and include discussions of  how to measure properly, what to measure, which technique to use, and how to interpret results.  Courtesy of   SRD31, Phase Equillibria Diagrams  and SRD 84, Inorgranic Crystal Structure Database

Selected NIST-Recommended Practice Guides in Material Sciences

General Discussion of Phase Diagrams, FP Hall, H Insley, EM Levin, HF McMurdie and CR Robbins

Particle Size Characterization, Ajit Jillavenkatesa, Lin-Sien H. Lum and Stanley Dapkunas (SP 960-1).

The Fundamentals of Neutron Powder Diffraction, John Copley (SP 960-2).

The Use of Nomenclature in Dispersion Science and Technology, Vincent Hackley and Chiara F. Ferraris (SP 960-3).

Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials, Sam Low (SP 960-5).

Capacitance Cell Measurement of the Out-of-Plane Expansion of Thin Films , Chad Snyder and Frederick Mopsik (SP-960-7).

Test Procedures for Developing Solder Data, Thomas A. Siewert and Carol A. Handwerker (SP 960-8)

Surface Engineering Measurement Standards for Inorganic Materials, Stanley J. Dapkunas (SP 960-9).

X-Ray Topography, David R. Black and Gabrielle G. Long (SP 960-10).

Data Evaluation Theory and Practice for Materials Properties, Ronald G. Munro (SP 960-11)

Pore Characterization in Low-k Dielectric Films Using X-ray Reflectivity: X-ray Porosimetry, Christopher L. Soles, Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K. Lin, and Wen-li Wu (SP 960-13)

DTA and Heat-flux DSC Measurements and Alloy Melting and Freezing, William Boettinger, Ursula Kattner and Kil-Won Moon, NIST (SP 960-15)

Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses, George D. Quinn, NIST (SP 960-16, with errata)

Porosity and Specific Surface Area Measurements for Solid Materials, Peter Klobes and Klaus Meyer, BAM and Ronald Munro, NIST (SP 960-17)

Computing Uncertainty for Charpy Impact Machine Test Results, Joelen D. Splett, H.K. Lyer, C.-M. Wang, C.N. McCowan (SP 960-18)

Measurement Issues in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Stephen Freiman, Stephanie Hooker, Kalman Migler, Sivaram Arepalli (SP 960-19) 

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Created November 20, 2013, Updated April 19, 2018