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Critical Evaluation Criteria

SRD must meet stringent evaluation criteria. The Office of Data and Informatics developed the following criteria for critical evaluation of numerical data (see SRD Definition, bullets 1-3) and digital data objects (see SRD Definition, bullet 4). 

Numerical data:

  1. Assuring the integrity of the data, e.g., by provision of uncertainty determinations and use of standards;
  2. Checking the reasonableness of the data, e.g., by consistency with physical principles and comparison of data obtained by independent methods; and
  3. Assessing the usability of the data, e.g., by inclusion of metadata and well-documented measurement procedures

Digital data objects:

  1. Assuring the object is based on physical principles, fundamental science, and/or widely accepted standard operating procedures for data collection; and
  2. Checking for evidence that
    1. The object has been tested, and/or
    2. Calculated and experimental data have been quantitatively compared
Created April 16, 2018, Updated June 2, 2021