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The NIST Silicon Lattice Comparator Upgrade

October 3, 2023
Marcus Mendenhall, James Cline, Csilla Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins
The NIST Silicon lattice comparator has ben in service in various forms since the 1970s. It is capable of measuring the difference in lattice spacing between specimens of high-quality float-zone silicon to delta-d/d approximately 6e-9. It has recently

Absolute energies and emission line shapes of the x-ray lines of lanthanide metals

February 1, 2021
Joseph Fowler, Galen O'Neil, Bradley K. Alpert, Douglas Bennett, Edward V. Denison, William Doriese, Gene Hilton, Lawrence T. Hudson, Young I. Joe, Kelsey Morgan, Daniel Schmidt, Daniel Swetz, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Joel Ullom
We use an array of transition-edge sensors, cryogenic microcalorimeters with 4 eV energy resolution, to measure the x-ray emission-line profiles of four elements of the lanthanide series: praseodymium, neodymium, terbium, and holmium. The spectrometer also

Measurements of the Linear Polarization of Satellite Transitions from Li- and Be- like Ar Ions

June 18, 2020
Amy Gall, Dipti Goyal, Sean W. Buechele, Samuel C. Sanders, Roshani Silwal, Csilla Szabo-Foster, N Brickhouse, Yuri Ralchenko, Endre A. Takacs
Non-thermal electron distributions, such as beams of electrons, are found in many laboratory and astrophysical plasma sources and can produce anisotropic and polarized emission. Theories used to model the emission require sublevel specific analysis, which

Linear Polarization of Anisotropically Excited X-ray Lines from the n=2 Complex in He-like Ar16+

May 13, 2020
Dipti Goyal, Sean W. Buechele, Amy C. Gall, Samuel C. Sanders, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Roshani Silwal, Endre A. Takacs, Yuri Ralchenko
High-resolution x-ray spectra were recorded at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) electron beam ion trap (EBIT) using two Johann-type crystal spectrometers, with their dispersion planes oriented parallel and perpendicular to the beam

The Molybdenum K-shell X-ray Emission Spectrum

September 18, 2019
Marcus H. Mendenhall, Lawrence T. Hudson, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins, James P. Cline
Abstract We present newly measured spectra of the X-ray emission of a molybdenum metal anode subject to electron bombardment, using a very high dispersion silicon double-crystal spectrometer. The measurement includes the dipole-allowed KL, KM, and KN

Contemporary x-ray wavelength metrology and traceability

July 3, 2019
Lawrence T. Hudson, James P. Cline, Albert Henins, Marcus H. Mendenhall, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster
We report recent advances in absolute x-ray wavelength metrology in the context of producing modern standard reference data. Primary standard x-ray wavelengths are typically measured with two-crystal (or more) diffraction spectrometers operated in

High-precision measurements of n = 2 - n = 1 transition energies and level widths in He- and Be- like Argon Ions

March 26, 2018
Jorge Machado, Csilla Szabo-Foster, Jose Paulo Santos, Pedro Amaro, Mauro Guerra, Guojie Bian, Jean-Michel Isac, Paul Indelicato
We have performed a reference-free measurement of the transition energies of the 1s2p1P1 → 1s2 1S0 line in He-like argon, and of the 1s2s22p 1P1 → 1s22s2 1S0 line in Be-like argon ions. The highly-charged ions were produced in the plasma of an Electron

A Reassessment of Absolute Energies of X-ray L Lines of Lanthanide Metals

June 28, 2017
Bradley Alpert, W.Bertrand (Randy) Doriese, Gene C. Hilton, Lawrence T. Hudson, Young I. Joe, Kelsey Morgan, Carl D. Reintsema, Dan Schmidt, Daniel Swetz, Csilla Szabo-Foster, Joel Ullom, Joseph Fowler, Galen O'Neil, Douglas Bennett
We introduce a new technique for determining x-ray fluorescence line energies and widths, and we present measurements made with this technique of 22 x-ray L lines from lanthanide-series elements. The technique uses arrays of transition-edge sensors

High-precision measurement of the X-ray Cu K-alpha spectrum

May 12, 2017
Marcus H. Mendenhall, Albert Henins, Lawrence T. Hudson, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Donald A. Windover, James P. Cline
The structure of the x-ray emission lines of the Cu Kα complex has been remeasured on a newly commissioned instrument, in a manner directly traceable to the Système Internationale definition of the meter. In this measurement, the region from 8000 to 8100

The Lattice Spacing Variability of Intrinsic Float-Zone Silicon

May 11, 2017
Ernest G. Kessler Jr., Csilla Szabo-Foster, James Cline, Albert Henins, Lawrence T. Hudson, Marcus Mendenhall, Mark D. Vaudin
Precision lattice spacing comparison measurements at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provide traceability of x-ray wavelength and powder diffraction standards to the international system of units (SI). Here we both summarize and

Direct Observation of the 2 d3/2 - 2 d5/2 Ground State Splitting in Xe 9+

May 18, 2006
E Takacs, B Blagojevic, K Makonyi, E O. LeBigot, Csilla Szabo-Foster, Yong Sik Kim, John D. Gillaspy
We have used the NIST Electron Beam Ion Trap to observe a visible line at 598.30(13) nm that corresponds to the 4d9 2D3/2 - 4d9 2D5/2 magnetic dipole transition within the ground state configuration of Xe9+. We have found no evidence to support the claim