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The Molybdenum K-shell X-ray Emission Spectrum



Marcus H. Mendenhall, Lawrence T. Hudson, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins, James P. Cline


Abstract We present newly measured spectra of the X-ray emission of a molybdenum metal anode subject to electron bombardment, using a very high dispersion silicon double-crystal spectrometer. The measurement includes the dipole-allowed KL, KM, and KN emission lines, based on an energy scale traceable to the Systeme International (SI) definition of the meter with a systematic uncertainty below ΔE/E=10^-6. The data are presented as parametrized multi- Lorentzian fits to the results, and as supplementary data with the complete spectrum of each line group, corrected for instrumental effects. The Mo KL3 (Kalpha 1) line energy was in complete statistical agreement with published measurements, and it showed no asymmetry. Other lines showed varying discrepancies with the literature which lie outside the bounds of probable experimental errors.
Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics


molybdenum, x-ray, XRD, XRF, lineshape, wavelength, atomic emission
Created September 18, 2019, Updated January 7, 2020