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Single-scan acquisition of multiple multidimensional spectra

Travis M. Autry, Galan Moody, James M. Fraser, Corey A. McDonald, Richard P. Mirin, Kevin L. Silverman
Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy is a powerful tool for understanding the ultrafast dynamics of complex quantum systems. To fully characterize the

Evidence for moiré excitons in van der Waals heterostructures

Kha Tran, Galan Moody, Travis M. Autry, Kevin L. Silverman, Fengcheng Wu, Junho Choi, Akshay Singh, Jacob Embley, Andre Zepeda, Marshall Cambel, Kyoung Kim, Amritesh Rai, Daniel Sanchez, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Li Yang, Nanshu Lu, Sanjay Banerjee, emanuel tutuc, Allan H. MacDonald, Xiaoqin Li
Recent advances in the isolation and stacking of monolayers of van der Waals materials have provided approaches for the preparation of quantum materials in the

Ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy of ferrioxalate photolysis with a laser plasma x-ray source and microcalorimeter array

Galen C. O'Neil, Joel N. Ullom, Luis Miaja Avila, Young Il Joe, Joseph W. Fowler, Carl D. Reintsema, Daniel S. Swetz, Kevin L. Silverman, Daniel R. Schmidt, Bruce D. Ravel, Gene C. Hilton, William B. Doriese, Bradley K. Alpert, Ralph Jimenez
Using a table-top apparatus based upon a laser plasma x-ray source and an array of cryogenic microcalorimeter x-ray detectors, we have measured the transient x

Ultrafast time-resolved hard x-ray emission spectroscopy on a table top

Luis Miaja Avila, Galen C. O'Neil, Young Il Joe, Bradley K. Alpert, Niels Damrauer, William B. Doriese, Steven Fatur, Joseph W. Fowler, Gene C. Hilton, Ralph Jimenez, Carl D. Reintsema, Daniel R. Schmidt, Kevin L. Silverman, Daniel S. Swetz, Hideyuki Tatsuno, Joel N. Ullom
Chemical reactions driven by light are fundamental to biology and a source of inspiration for engineering materials to perform tasks such as solar energy

Ultra-low-noise monolithic mode-locked solid-state laser

T D. Shoji, W Xie, Kevin L. Silverman, Ari D. Feldman, Todd E. Harvey, Richard P. Mirin, Thomas Schibli
Low-noise, high-repetition-rate mode-locked solid-state lasers are attractive for precision measurement and microwave generation, but the best lasers in terms

Monolithic device for modelocking and stabilization of a frequency comb

Kevin L. Silverman, Richard P. Mirin, Ari D. Feldman, Todd E. Harvey, Thomas Schibli, Chien-Chung Lee, Yosuke Hayashi
We demonstrate a device that integrates a III-V semiconductor saturable absorber mirror with a graphene electro-optic modulator, which provides a monolithic

Intensity Dynamics in a Waveguide Array Laser

Kevin L. Silverman, Mingming M. Feng, Richard P. Mirin, Steven T. Cundiff, Matt Williams, J. Nathan N. Kutz
We consider experimentally and theoretically the optical field dynamics of a five emitter laser array subject to a linearly decreasing injection current. We

Dark pulse quantum dot diode laser

Mingming M. Feng, Kevin L. Silverman, Richard P. Mirin, Steven T. Cundiff
We describe an operating regime for passively mode-locked quantum dot diode laser where the output consists of a train of dark pulses, i.e., intensity dips on a