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Optimization of photoluminescence from W centers in silicon-on-insulator for waveguide-coupled sources



Sonia M. Buckley, Alexander N. Tait, Galan Moody, Kevin L. Silverman, Sae Woo Nam, Richard P. Mirin, Jeffrey M. Shainline, Stephen Olson, Joshua Hermann, Satyvalu Papa Rao


W centers are trigonal defects generated by self-ion implantation in silicon that exhibit photoluminescence at 1.218\textmu m. We have shown previously that they can be used in waveguide-integrated all-silicon light-emitting diode sources. Here we optimize the implant energy, fluence and anneal conditions for the substrate used for waveguide-integrated devices, and observe near two orders of magnitude improvement in photoluminescence intensity relative to our previous work. We further show that such light sources are compatible with a 300 mm foundry process by demonstrating photoluminescence of similar intensity from 300-mm SOI wafers. We demonstrate uniformity of luminescence across the wafer that is within the measurement error.
Journal of Applied Physics


LEDs, semiconductor defects, neuromorphic
Created May 12, 2020, Updated October 7, 2020