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Ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy of ferrioxalate photolysis with a laser plasma x-ray source and microcalorimeter array



Galen C. O'Neil, Joel N. Ullom, Luis Miaja Avila, Young Il Joe, Joseph W. Fowler, Carl D. Reintsema, Daniel S. Swetz, Kevin L. Silverman, Daniel R. Schmidt, Bruce D. Ravel, Gene C. Hilton, William B. Doriese, Bradley K. Alpert, Ralph Jimenez


Using a table-top apparatus based upon a laser plasma x-ray source and an array of cryogenic microcalorimeter x-ray detectors, we have measured the transient x-ray absorption spectrum during the ferrioxalate photoreduction reaction. We observe the Fe K edge move to lower energies, and the amplitude of the EXAFS features reduce, consistent with a photoreduction mechanism in which electron transfer precedes disassociation. These measurements results are compared to previously published transient x-ray absorption measurements on the same reaction, and found to be consistent with the results from Ogi \textit{et al} and inconsistent with the results of Chen \textit{et al}\cite{Ogi2015, Chen2007}. The high collection efficiency and performance improvements expected due to continued investment in microcalorimeter technology are good reasons to expect this technique to develop quickly.
Journal of American Chemical Society


EXAFS XAS XANES xray TES microcalorimeter
Created February 17, 2017, Updated March 31, 2017