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Workshop 13: Building Measurement Assurance in Flow Cytometry

Lili Wang, Stephen Perfetto, Robert Hoffman, John T. Elliott, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Steven Bauer, Heba Degheidy, Judith Arcidiacono, Litwin Virginia
Two workshops were held to identify measurement challenges and potential solutions for building measurement assurance for flow cytometry. This report summarizes

Airbrushed Nanofiber Scaffolds Support Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Differentiation

Carl G. Simon Jr., Wojtek J. Tutak, Sumona Sarkar, Tanya M. Farooque, Jyotsnendu J. Giri, Dongbo Wang, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Joachim Kohn, Durgadas Bolikal
Nanofiber scaffolds are effective for tissue engineering since they emulate the fibrous nanostructure of native extracellular matrix (ECM). Although

Effect of Polymer Degree of Conversion on Streptococcus mutans Biofilms

Alison M. Kraigsley, Kathy Tang, John A. Howarter, Katrice A. Lippa, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Nancy J. Lin
The effects of key material properties of polymeric composite restorations on cariogenic oral biofilms are needed to provide insight into the materials’ role in

Positively-charged Dimethacrylates to Reduce Bacterial Attachment

Nancy J. Lin, Joseph M. Antonucci, Diana N. Zeiger, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Kathy Tang
The widespread incidence of recurrent tooth decay (caries) highlights the need for improved dental restorative materials. Caries are most frequently caused by

In situ Formation of Silver Nanoparticles in Photocrosslinking Polymers

Yajun Cheng, Diana N. Zeiger, John A. Howarter, Xinran Zhang, Nancy J. Lin, Joseph M. Antonucci, Sheng Lin-Gibson
Nanocomposites of difunctional methacrylate polymer/silver nanoparticles have been synthesized by coupling photoinitiated free radical polymerization with in

Controlled in situ Nanocavitation in Polymeric Materials

Yajun Cheng, Joseph M. Antonucci, Steven D. Hudson, Nancy J. Lin, Xinran Zhang, Sheng Lin-Gibson
A new strategy to produce polymer-inorganic composites with ultra low volume shrinkage has been developed. Small amount of cavitation agent, acetone